Dash Cam (Car camera)

Black box cameras automatically record and save in their SD card so no argument needed when you have a car accident.

Ceramic Coating (Car paint protection)

Ceramic Coating will protect your vehicles from UV radiation, chemicals and aggressive environmental influences such as road salt, tar and industrial pollution.

Gold Plating (Electroplating)

Gold plating for all chrome surface makes your car unique and cool (Emblems, Letters, Door catches etc)

House Window Tinting In Melbourne

Our house window tinting solutions are highly beneficial, such as advancing the security and privacy of your home depending on the shade of tint no one will be able to look into your house. Our house window tinting also offer the reduction of glares and UV rays; while also eco-friendly and enhance the aesthetics of your property. We at Frontier of new Material (FM7) are proud to offer exclusive heat resistant professional film using fine ceramic to result in the highest of quality tint product.

As Melbourne's house window tinting experts, we have accomplished many outstanding results we are proud of and are more than privileged to be one of Melbourne's house window tinting services providers of choice. By selecting FM7 tinting services, you are consequently selecting world-class tinting. Please contact us for further information on house window tinting service available Melbourne wide.